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ontactless Technology is a brand name and is most commonly heard when talking about NFC card payments, although 'Near Field Communication' is used for other purposes like pairing computers with peripherals as well. Contactless payments are the latest way to process card transactions in the United Kingdom with it being mandatory that everyone received a new contactless enabled credit or debit card from their high street bank early in 2012.
A contactless transaction occurs by waving your card near a specialist NFC terminal which picks up radio waves being transmitted by thin wires inside the card and this authorizes a purchase.

contactless technology
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Contactless Payment

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Contactless technology is now widespread across the United Kingdom and this particular website was set up to inform residents about how to operate the technology and also how it benefits users and merchants.

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The Effect Contactless Will Have On Retailers

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Contactless is a big change for UK consumers but is also alien to merchant's who want to ensure they keep their customers card information secure from fraudulent transactions.

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PDQ Machines and Contactless

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If you have been a merchant for many years you might have used PDQ machines for accepting your customers payments and this is just another term for credit card machine, these are also contactless enabled.

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PDQ Terminals

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PDQ terminals have been the state of the art technology for nearly a decade now because they 'process data quickly', although the term has a long history it has resurfaced because it is an appropriate definition for streamlined handheld machines that also accept contactless.

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Chip and Pin

Lastly but not least, Chip and Pin is the last big advancement in payment technology prior to contactless and is still required on all items totaling over £20. Every several transactions with NFC the customer will be prompted to enter their Chip and Pin number to prevent fraud and the card issuing banks have had they will refund any transactions that are found to be unauthorized.

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In conclusion you might be able to see how important it is for businesses and members of the public to invest time researching the latest advancement to card payment technology, not only is it contactless cards that are being used to make payments but also mobile phones are being waved against the NFC terminals as well. There are lots of features to accepting card payments in the UK and this article tries to address each of them, contactless payments can be accepted on a range of devices such as static, wireless or mobile card machines and sometimes a Chip and Pin number is required for security purposes.

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