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f you are ready to do a little redecorating in your bathroom, one thing you might consider doing is installing a recessed toilet paper holder. Instead of screwing an ugly little toilet paper roller to the wall near the toilet, you can improve the appearance of your bathroom with a recessed toilet paper holder.
As any interior decorator will tell you, paying attention to small details can really enhance the appearance of a particular room in your house. When it comes to the bathroom, simple things like installing a nice towel rack, adding an elegant soap dish and installing a recessed toilet paper holder, can all make a boring bathroom come to life.
When you visit a high-end house, you will almost always see recessed toilet paper holder in all of the bathrooms. It is not a major construction project, but it does add a touch of elegance to the design of the bathroom.
By recessing the toilet paper holder, you accentuate the lines of the bathroom. It is like a car’s side mirrors. Designers try to incorporate the side view mirrors so they blend in with the lines of the car and do not stick out like a sore thumb. A recessed holder neatly hides the exposed roll of toilet paper, but still allows easy access when it needs to be used.

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This is a project that most do-it-yourself homeowners can handle. If you have no skills, it is better to hire a handyman or a professional to make sure you do not make a mess out of the installation.
To start with, you should first decide upon an appropriate location to install the recessed roller. Obviously, you need to select a wall that is close enough to the toilet so the guest of honor does not have to walk across the room to avail themselves of the tissue. Select a spot that is not right next to an electrical outlet and is between two studs. The recessed toilet paper holder should be located approximately 2 1/2 to 3 feet above the surface of the floor.
Mark the spot where you want to place the recessed holder and then take the holder and trace around the edges with a pencil. Next, get a drill or you can also puncture a small hole in the wall with a screwdriver. Using a keyhole saw, cut around the inside of the outline where the holder will be placed. Remove the wallboard and insert the holder. It should be a nice, snug fit. Make sure it is well seated and level. Next take the screws that came with the kit and secure the recessed holder to the wall. Put a roll of toilet paper over the spindle and set the role inside of the recessed holder.
Make sure you clean up the dust and mess from the wallboard. Step back and take a look at your work. Finally, since you installed it, you have the right to be the first to use your new recessed toilet paper holder.

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