Best Review - Top 5 Reasons Why Earning Money With Zazzle Is Better Than Article Writing for Adsense


want to begin by stating that I earn money writing articles and I will continue to use that stream of earning money online. In fact, I write on several different revenue sharing websites. The one I'm speaking about today is HubPages.

Recently, I realized that Zazzle, one of my other streams of online income, surprisingly brought in more income in December than Google AdSense earnings from article writing on HubPages. Earnings made on Zazzle are residual income. Just as you can write articles and earn AdSense income for months and years into the future, you can upload designs on Zazzle products for sale and continue to get sales on those products for years.

I've put together a few reasons why earning money with Zazzle has been better than earning money from writing articles for AdSense.

Earn residual income on Zazzle with less hassles
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No Lengthy Article Approval Process Is Required For Zazzle

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Many revenue sharing sites, including HubPages have implemented changes on what they will allow in articles that are published on their site. Articles must go to auditors and pass quality tests. Even if the article passes the initial test, it can still be unpublished if it get low web traffic. This is not so with posting Zazzle products for sale.

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No Research Required For Zazzle Products

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Any article writer who wants to earn money online writing articles knows that research is a necessary task. In order to build readers' trust in what you say in your articles, you must research your topic. It's important to know what you're talking about because, depending on the subject, giving out false or inaccurate information may be detrimental to your readers.

When creating products to sell on Zazzle you don't have to spend time doing research. You just create a design or upload a nice photograph, put it on a product and that's it.

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No Editing Or Tweaking Needed for Zazzle Products

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Unlike articles that usually need to be edited or tweaked to get Internet traffic, you can upload Zazzle products for sale and never need to bother with it again.

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No Jumping Through Hoops In Fear Of Getting Google Slapped

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With Zazzle, there is no need to worry about being penalized for having too many back links. Nor do you have to be concerned about keyword density, or SEO techniques.

Top 5

Zazzle Is Usually On The First Page Of Search Results

If you do a search on Google for just about anything that has to do with custom or personalized items, you will see that Zazzle is usually near the top of the first page of the results. More often than not they are in the natural search results as well as in the ads section. Zazzle does a lot of Adwords advertising. If you post Zazzle products that are popular but have low competition, you will be in Zazzle's top results.

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In conclusion, these days there are way too many hoops to jump through with article writing. Selling on Zazzle has become a very nice stream of passive, residual income that does not have all these burdens attached.

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