Best Review - Top 5 Quitting Smoking Tips!


uitting smoking is not easy. It can in fact be one of the most difficult things you have every attempted if you are a long time smoker!
Being able to effectively end your addiction to cigarettes and gain a healthier set of lungs and breathe easier once more is what these tips are aimed at!

quiting smoking cigarettes for cleaner lungs
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Cold Turkey!

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Quitting smoking cold turkey is the most difficult but quickest way to completely stop smoking. Take your pack of cigarettes, throw it away, then do not buy any more. Tests your willpower, high cravings, but quickest way to flush nicotine addiction and be smoke free!

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Some people have had great success when using electronic cigarettes which satisfy your nicotine cravings without the tar and toxins from smoking!

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Gradually Smoking Less

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Some people like to slowly wean themselves off cigarettes rather than give them up all at once. Slowly reducing the amount they smoke until they finally are smoking nothing at all!

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Lung Detoxification

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One way to create a physical aversion to smoking is to cleanse your lungs using a lung detox program. Once you begin to remove the tar from your lungs your body will actually begin to react badly to smoking make you want to quit them!

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Nicotine Patchs

Another way to get nicotine into your system without the poisons of cigarettes is with nicotine patches to soothe the cravings. They do not help with the cravings for taste, or the craving for the action of smoking though.

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Quitting smoking cigarettes is the best thing you can do for your health!

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