Best Review - Top 5 Popular Exercises For The Biceps


ou should know that almost any exercise - and the way you execute it - brings about different results, such as bulk, strength, endurance, shape and cut. However, there are some constants. Those are the basic exercises that you should not avoid including in your workout.

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Barbell curl

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Perfect for gaining muscle mass and strength. Since it is an isolating exercise, it stresses primarily the biceps muscles. Doing more reps with lighter weight also works great for pumping the guns (only temporal effect).

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Dumbbell curl

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Same effects as with the barbell curls. However, here you have the option of alternating the arms which brings about somewhat of a more isolated stress, as you do not rely on the thrust of your hips. Dumbbell curls are also great for forming the shape of the muscle.

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Concentration curl

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Another bulk building exercise. As the name suggests, it is highly effective in focusing on just the necessary muscles. Since the major part of the work falls onto your biceps to flex, it is the best option so far for shaping a hard and round head.

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Preacher curl

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A great finishing exercise. While it put intensity on the brachialis (a muscle in the upper arm that flexes the elbow joint), it works for the long head of the biceps. This type of exercise is also good for shaping.

Top 5

Hammer curl

A very inclusive exercise. It targets the brachioradialis (a forearm muscle), the biceps and the brachialis. Because of its wide coverage, the hammer curl is very convenient for a warm up with light weights.

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You should regulate the weight and the number of sets and repetitions according to the results you wish to meet. On one hand, heavy weights and few sets/reps gain you bulk and strength. On the other, lighter weights and an increased number of repetitions get you a lean and nicely shaped muscle.

Finally, do not overload yourself with more exercises than you can handle. Alternate! Shock brings progress.

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