Best Review - Top 5 Political rants you can find

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Top political rants about well... everything. Unemployment, Federal Government and Education costs are just some issues that need to be addressed in the open discussion. Once you read all these rants, you should reach your own conclusion! U.S. vs Everybody else How can Russia have unemployment rate of only 6.5% while U.S. struggle with 9.1%? What is the difference between the world and good old U.S. of A? New bubble - The rising cost of education Education costs have gone through the roof. Who can attend college today? As an afterthought, the unemployment is at 9.1% How different media outlets treat same news. Unemployment at 9.1% can be an afterthought or front page news! Don't Play That Guitar Boy How and why is FBI raiding Gibson Guitar factory in search for... well... wood!? Will Hugo Chavez be a next Gaddafi? If Venezuelan Hugo Chavez continues insisting on getting his own gold, he might end up treated with the Libyan cure!
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