Best Review - Top 5 Picks for Sasha Banks' Mystery Partner


n a few hours, WWE will be holding the Battleground PPV. As showtime nears, there’s still plenty of questions to be answered during tonight’s PPV. One of them is, who will be Sasha Banks’ mystery partner.

For the past few weeks, Banks has been feuding with Women’s champion Charlotte and Charlotte’s protégé, Dana Brooke. Looking to take the two women down, Sasha has a chance to do so at Battleground. But before Sasha can get her vengeance, she’s going to need a partner.

So who will be Sasha’s partner?

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This is the number one choice in everybody’s opinion. The former NXT Women’s champion is a fan favorite, and everyone’s waiting for Bayley to make her long-awaited main roster debut. Given that WWE loves to do surprises at PPV, there’s a chance Bayley could be making her grand entrance tonight.

Top 2

Nikki Bella

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Whenever there’s a mystery partner involved in tag events, it’s either someone making their debut or return. Nikki has been out with a neck injury since October. Just a couple of days ago, she announced she was cleared by her doctor to return to the ring.

Since Charlotte beat Nikki for the title, it’s only understandable that Nikki would return to help Sasha beat Charlotte and Dana.

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Like Nikki Bella, Emma has been out with a back injury. Prior to her injury, Emma teamed with her friend Dana Brooke to take over the women’s division. Now that Dana has become Charlotte’s new buddy, it’s the perfect time for Emma to return and exact revenge on her former friend.

Top 4

Trish Stratus

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Word has it that WWE has been reaching out to former stars about returning. The 7-time Women’s champion said she would love to work with Sasha Banks.

Could the WWE Universe be in for some Stratusfaction tonight?

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Just like Trish Stratus, Lita is a former Women’s champion and favorite with the WWE Universe. For the past year, Lita has been a fixation both in front and behind the scenes at WWE. Fans would love to see the fiery redhead come back for one more match.

Do you like this top?

Will one of the ladies be Sasha’s partner? Or will it be someone already on the roster?

Tune in tonight to see who Sasha will pick and if the two women will win their match.

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