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veryone should be concerned about personal security at home and out of the home. Security is more than an alarm system, it is a state of mind and a state of readiness. Having the right security supplies on hand - long-term storage food, the means to make water, some hard currency and other emergency supplies - will make the difference between surviving disaster and possible death or other unpleasant circumstances. Read these articles on how to be safe and secure.

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The Importance of Home Security

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Learn how to evaluate the security of your home and improve home security with simple changes.

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Portable Drinking Water Filter Reviews

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Safe water is one of the first things you need in a disaster. Make your own with these portable drinking water bottles. From the inexpensive basic filter bottles for a little extra protection, to a bottle that converts swamp water to clean clear and safe filtered drinking water.

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Emergency Survival Kits On Sale or Make Your Own

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Learn what belongs in an emergency survival kit so you can put your own together, or you can just buy a kit and save the trouble. Emergency survival kits are not very expensive to buy.

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Backpacking Meals on Sale - Good Emergency Food

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Backpacking meals make good emergency food. They are designed to be easy to prepare and have a long shelf life.

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Pennies Worth More Than a Penny

Having some hard money around in a crisis is critical. Learn how you can make money right out of your pocket change and save valuable pennies for a rainy day.

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Hopefully you follow through on the suggestions in these safety and security articles. We all hope we never use the things we prepared for an emergency, but if are not prepared we will be sorry.

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