Best Review - Top 5 Pathfinder Character Builds For Batman, Robin, and Gotham City's Vigilantes


atman and Robin are the most famous vigilantes in Gotham City, but they aren't the only enforcers who have made the city's safety their concern. The valiant James Gordon has dedicated his life to keeping Gotham City residents safe, and The Huntress enacts her own brand of vicious justice on those who cross her path. Catwoman, a wild card in any deck, is just as likely to be on one side of the law as she is on the other, but she tends to do what she does for the right reasons... most of the time...

These five character builds are meant to translate Gotham's most well-known heroes into the Pathfinder roleplaying game. While it will take time to make these characters as effective as their comic book inspirations, even The Dark Knight had to fall a time or two before rising.

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The most infamous of Gotham City's heroes, Batman is a dedicated hero who will stop at nothing to avenge his parents' murder and wipe the stains off a city that likes being dirty. While many players have tried to build the Dark Knight, this guide lays out all of the tools and tricks players will need to make their vengeance seeking vigilante as effective, memorable, and unique as possible.

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The Boy Wonder, the Dark Knight's squire, Robin is one of Batman's greatest assets. While many young men have taken up the mantle, Dick Grayson was the first to ever stand by Bruce Wayne's side in his quest for justice. Though trained by Batman, Robin is a hero in his own right with his own, unique style. If you want to fully realize him in your Pathfinder game then just follow this guide and watch as criminals start falling like dominoes.

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It's never clear where Selina Kyle, alias Catwoman, really stands (unless it's close enough to Batman to make him sweat). For those who want a light-fingered feline in the party though, Catwoman is an unparalleled burglar, and often times she can get in and get out without her victims even knowing she was there. If you want to be able to do the same, this guide lays it out for you step by step and level by level.

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James Gordon

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Whether he's a detective or a commissioner, James Gordon is one of the most stalwart heroes in all of Gotham City. A lifetime protector of Gotham, Gordon was kicking in doors and tracking down killers before Bruce Wayne was old enough to understand the meaning of the word vengeance. If you want a detective with a badge, a gun, and the will to see the job through until the guilty are found and punished, then you're going to love this particular build.

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The Huntress

While occasionally forgotten, The Huntress is one of the deadliest vigilantes in all of Gotham City. Violence is her trademark, and death follows in her wake. For those who want to put together a no-punches-pulled avenger who's out for blood, The Huntress's build lays out all of your options and shows you how to put that crossbow to stunningly deadly use.

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While Golarion isn't Gotham by a long stretch, these Pathfinder character conversions will allow players to take the best of Gotham City's most notable heroes and adventure with them. As always it's important to remember that these builds are just suggestions; it's your character and if you want to build it differently then go right ahead! These guides are just that; a starting point for making effective characters.

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