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The main sports of baseball, football, basketball, hockey and golf all have very expensive sportscards associate with them. This list gives the most expensive sportscard from each sport. If you are interested in learning more about the top 10 cards in each sport, explore the links! There you will find an in-depth look at each sport with some great information. Baseball - T206 - Honus Wagner Not only the most expensive baseball card in the world, but also the most expensive sportscard in the world. Find out the story about this card and the rest of the baseball elite in the link below. Football - 1935 National Chicle - Bronco Nagurski The 1935 National Chicle card of this football legend is head and shoulder above the rest. Learn more about the top football cards in the world below. Basketball - 1948 Bowman - George Mikan Even the legendary Michael Jordan can't beat out the skinny kid with glasses! Learn where MJ sits on the list and about other great basketball cards. Hockey - 1979 Opeechee - Wayne Gretzky The Great One heads the list, but new upstarts like Sidney Crosby may challenge for the title. What about Bobby Orr, Hull, and Howe? Learn more about the most valuable hockey cards in the world below. Golf - 1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids - Tiger Woods Tiger holds the title for most expensive golf card in the world, but there are other great golf cards to collect. Many people have no idea that golf cards even exist, but there are some real gems.
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I had no idea how valuable

I had no idea how valuable some sportscards are until I followed your links. Great information.

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