Best Review - Top 5 Moral Values of Our Lives


iving on this earth needs our flexible understanding why we are living here on this planet called earth. We need these moral values, for us to reach-out the essence of living. These articles have a lesson on whatever culture you are belong. The core insight is for you to decide being a man.

Society and Culture
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About Friendship

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The process of man’s friendship is a mutual choice. It’s a free choice, free of coercion. God is the first who loved us, seeking us and attracting us to Him, through the circumstances of our lives. A process that ends only, when we decide to choose him, and to love him also – no matter what the cost is.

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A True Friend is a Loving Person

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A thought on friendship goes this way: “Discard not an old friend for the new cannot equal him/her. A new friend is like new wine which is taken with pleasure only when it has aged.” Friendship needs taming each other which cannot just pull someone and call him/her a friend.

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Of Values

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A value is something that is freely chosen from alternatives and is acted upon; that which the individual celebrates as being part of his creative integration in development as a person. The essential point here is that a value is something freely chosen from alternatives is actually acted upon and lived out. The completed action or the commitment to choice is integral to the choice itself, and therefore, points out that one has fully chosen a value has acted upon it. The test to a true value is whether or not it is freely chosen and acted upon, and not only acted upon but celebrated. The person must enjoy the value of life and participate in it. He must find by acting on and celebrating this value, that it enhances his human development. It is granted that what enhances human development may be theoretically arguable and unclear. For different people this may mean different things. Note also his definition of value is in terms of valuing itself more than it is in terms of what value is intrinsically, or from a philosophical point of view.

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The Beginning of Being Me

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Sigmund Freud, a noted psychologist once said, “The Child is the Father to the Man.” Freud tells us of the significant contribution of the early years in the development of a person. He believed that the childhood experiences of a man bear a significant impact and influence on his adult life. It is in our early experiences that we establish the foundation of our being as a person. Psychologists, who adhere to this theory of Freud, also recognize that present influences can still change a person.

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What Makes a Man, a Man?

Man has a physical structure similar to other living creatures on earth such as plants and animals. He is a terribly complex being, the apex of the process of evolution. He is subject to pain and diseases and at the same time able to seek and enjoy comfort and convenience. The body becomes the source of needs, desires and urges that motivate him and make a demand on him. The five senses of his body become the means by which he experiences the world and the vehicle for his own expression.

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Believe on these articles for it can help your innate desire to live happily with your life. Go on and read....digest and put into action.

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