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atthew Good may be one of the under-rated musicians of our time. He is a Canadian musician, formerly of the Matthew Good Band. He has been making great music since the early 90's, and hasn't slowed down yet. If you live in Canada, you surely know many of his songs from the radio and his tours. The rest of the world, unfortunately, hasn't been exposed to his brilliance nearly enough. If you've never heard of this man/band, you are truly missing out. This list will show 5 songs that would be good introductions to the genius that is Matthew Good. This music gets to your soul, is honest and raw rock. Not only is Matthew Good an amazing singer/songwriter/musician, he is also speaks openly about his own struggle with mental health (bipolar), helping to erase the stigma that surrounds mental health. He is an interesting, intelligent individual, but above all, his music will take you on a journey of heartbreak and failure, but also beauty and wonder and you will feel a little less alone in this world.

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This song is off the "Avalanche" album, Matt's first solo album after the end of the Matthew Good Band. This song is beautiful, haunting and catchy. It leaves you with shivers and makes you want to rock out at the same time. This song, as well as many other Matt Good songs, is the perfect soundtrack to life.

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"Generation x-wing -acoustic"

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This acoustic version of "Generation X-wing" will leave you in awe. It's raw with uncomplicated lyrics and simple imagery, but the way it is sung puts it on a whole new level. If you have a chance to hear the original version of the song, you will be blown away at this stripped version.

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"The Fine art of falling apart"

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This song sounds like it was recorded in one take. No fancy equipment, no loud instruments. A quiet acoustic guitar and Matt's voice, full of character. The little imperfections make it as if he is singing to you in your living room. You can feel the pain, the emotion in this song, and no one is able to make you "feel" quite like Matthew Good. The line "Perfections like you, and monsters like me" will surely give you goosebumps. The perfect song to contemplate life, failures and successes of ourselves and relationships.

Top 4

Symbolistic White Walls

This song is off the debut album " Last of the Ghetto Astronauts" and started Matt's successful career. This song is simple, catchy and makes you fall in love with Matt's voice. Be warned -it will get stuck in your head. Matt's voice has changed over the years but it remains unmistakably unique.

Top 5

Everything is Automatic

A 90's classic, off the "Underdogs" album. Good ol' alternative rock with some intelligence. The video of this song is also worth viewing.

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If you like good, real music, you will enjoy Matthew Good's music. Warning: After being exposed to quality music, you may never be able to listen to the meaningless junk currently being played on the radio.

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