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re you fortunate enough to have a nice home, with outdoor space for a lawn or garden? Regardless of the size of your lawn / garden area here are some landscaping ideas to increase the attractiveness and value of your property.

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Match Grass and Plants to Local Conditions

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Choosing grass and plants known to do well in your geographical area is important. This allows better control of unwanted pest plants and weeds. A yard covered in weeds is not inviting. The longer the weeds are allowed to grow the harder they will be to control.

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Choose Flowers and Flowering Shrubs Well

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Take a tour of your own city, taking notes, to see what flowering types and varieties seem stunning to you. This will save you lots of time and effort. Nothing sets off your lawn / garden area more than the sight of a beautiful flower garden and some special flowering shrubs. As with your choice of flowers, plant flowering shrubs that are proven to do well in your area.

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Turn Your Lawn into a Butterfly Garden

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With a little research, your local agricultural extension can help a lot, you can chose plants and shrubs that will attract butterfly populations and bring your lawn and garden to life with ever active color and activity

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Attract Birds to Your Lawn and Garden

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Having shrubs for shelter and offering food sources brings beautiful birds to a yard. Some flowering plants such as trumpet flowers, bottlebrush and salvias will attract humming birds. Various sized birdhouses and dense bushes will give the birds nesting sites. Bird watching is a very enjoyable and relaxing hobby.

Top 5

Provide Comfortable Human Access

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Yard chairs and a patio umbrella can make a nice place to read a good book on gardening and nature. Make sure there is ample place to lie back and enjoy the beauty of your landscaping. Invest in a hammock or a covered swing.

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Except in times of water shortage or high water cost a lawn should rarely be allowed be a boring monotonous area filled only with grass. Even letting a lawn "go natural" is a shame. The ideas presented in this top best review can turn a yard into an inviting area filled with sights and sounds and offering a chance to relax and explore nature.

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