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t is obvious that games are taking a more and more important place in everyday life. Not only games for kids. For adult only! You would be surprise to see the number of adults playing Farmville! Poker games tend to be famous too although we will not treat about them here to respect the site policy. Games are getting more and more sophisticated, or sometimes just dead simple.
Here we will list the TOP 5 games played mostly in the US, if not worldwide. When you visit the links provided you get either nice article about the game with a link within it, or a direct link to the game. Try and see!

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Top 1

Dead Island

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This game is harsh a only for people above 17.

Top 2

Cool Math

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Cool Math games are becoming so famous, and Bloxorz is one of the games displayed on there site. A killer!

Top 3

Desktop defender

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Another classic and free game that get people addicted!

Top 4

Happy Wheels

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This game is far to be intellectual. But it's free and a lot of people are playing it!

Top 5


No need to present this one anymore, it is so famous now!

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Please comment guys and bear

Please comment guys and bear in mind this is my first TOP.

Thanks you!

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Do you guys play any game at

Do you guys play any game at all????