Best Review - Top 5 Ideas for Modern Style in Hallway Decor


ring modern style to a forgotten home space. Change a dull and unimaginative hallway decor. Tap into decorative ideas that lift the style and energy of a hallway space. Use color and simple accents to add personality and modern design to a hall area. Give a hallway special polish and elegance with a classic, eclectic or contemporary tone. Paint or add wall paper to walls. Decorate floors with a rug runner or stylish new hardwood flooring. Hang decorative art, wall light sconces and a modern ceiling light fixture. Add one or many decorative elements to lift up and change the decor of a lifeless hallway.

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Fresh New Decor

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Create a dramatic look for a hallway that leaves a lasting impression of style. Dress up the floor with affordable accent rugs in modern colors and designs. Paint the walls in stripes or bold graphic shapes. Treat a hallway space with a unique ceiling light.

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Decorative Elegance

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Decorate for a warm mood, a casual tone or a vintage-eclectic theme that displays creative personality. Allow personal style to shine in your hall area decor. A beautiful wall mirror, console table and a modern gallery of wall art give a plain space a new look of decorative elegance.

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An Inspiring Decor

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Change the decor of a hallway area with a style that coordinates by season, design or character. Refresh wall and floor spaces with a modern twist of style. Introduce neutral, muted or fun colors. Try rich berry, plum or copper color shades as a decorative inspiration. Personalize a hallway decor with imaginative expressions of style, as a quick update or an inviting and tasteful accent of style.

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Big Style

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Go for a dramatic change in your hallway decor. Use decorative wall accents made of iron, metal or wood to dress a hall area. Choose a punch of style and personality on wall spaces with beautiful paint colors and unexpected wall accents.

Top 5

Stylish Ideas for Hallway Decor

Perk up the style of an uninspiring hallway. Give modern spunk to walls, floors, lighting and the overall space. Install an enchanting wall light sconce, a floating display of wall shelves or decorative designer wall paper. Furnish a hallway with a stylish bench, console table or decorative accent chairs. Add a beautiful floor or tabletop plant and a unique wall tapestry for modern design. Refresh a hallway with casual and modern elegance. Choose an unforgettable personal theme to decorate a hallway in your home. Transform a hallway for creative style that is light and natural, playful and warm or to unify a contemporary interior scheme.

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