Best Review - Top 5 Highest Paid Baseball Players in 2010


or the seventh consecutive year, Sports Illustrated ( has compiled a list of the 50 top-earning American athletes, as well as 20 highest earning international athletes by salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. Here are the five highest paid baseball players in 2010:

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Albert Pujols

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Albert Pujols ($21,000,000) - Plays for St. Louis Cardinals (MLB). We'll see if Pujols is worth, as Bobby Cox suggested, $50 million a year. What is clear is that the Cardinals' slugger will become the second athlete in history to sign a second deal in excess of $100 million.

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Vernon Wells

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Vernon Wells ($21,250,000) - Plays for Toronto Blue Jays (MLB). The signature that keeps on giving: Wells' seven-year, $126 million extension in '06 included a $25.5 million signing bonus. The Jays' slugger just collected the last $8.5 million installment in March.

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John Lackey

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John Lackey ($21,700,000) - Plays for Boston Red Sox (MLB). If the BoSox are at all worried over the Texan's bad elbow, they sure didn't show it -- the first year of his five-year, $82.5 million deal is the priciest, with an $18 million salary and a $3.5 million signing bonus.

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CC Sabathia

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CC Sabathia ($26,500,000) - Plays for New York Yankees (MLB). The Yankees' ace paid $15 million in cash for his 12,000-square foot mansion in Bergen County, N.J., last year. His neighbors include Stevie Wonder, Chris Rock, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Mary J. Blige.

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Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez ($37,000,000) - Plays for New York Yankees (MLB). A-Rod may be baseball's highest-paid player, but even he is feeling the real estate slowdown. He and his ex-wife recently unloaded their one-acre, six-bedroom estate in Florida for $8.5 million -- one-third less than the purchase price.

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Aside from A-Rod being the highest paid baseball player in American, he is also one of the most powerful celebrity this year according to Forbes Celebrity 100. The fact that he went out with the very famous Kate Hudson and now hooked up with Cameron Diaz, I'm sure is a catalyst to his fame.

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