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rowing fresh herbs is easy and rewarding. Even if you only have a tub or a window box you can grow fresh herbs that will transform your meals from dull to special. Use herbs in herb recipes and salads. Use your fresh garden herbs for herb teas and herbal remedies.
Herbs look pretty too. Herbs can be made into homemade gifts such as pot pourri, or herb jellies.I'm suggesting some herbs that you might not see in your food store, but which are easy to grow . Be adventurous in your herb planting!

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How to use sorrel

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Sorrel (also known as sheep sorrel) is an underused herb, and can be mistaken for a weed! Sorrel grows easily and is great with fish, as it has an acidic flavor. Sorrel also makes a good soup. The young leaves of sorrel can be eaten raw as a salad.

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Grow peppermint in your herb garden

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There are lots of different garden mints, all of which are easy to grow in your herb garden, and add flavor to your food. Have you actually thought of growing peppermint though? There is nothing quite like fresh peppermint from the garden for making peppermint tea.
You can also use fresh peppermint for soothing foot creams or for zinging up desserts.

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Lovage- a lovely herb!

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You can't usually buy lovage down the supermarket, so if you like the taste of lovage you need to grow lovage in your herb garden. Lovage makdes a great lovage soup. The flavor is rather like celery. Lovage is a tall herb so you need to take care where to plant it.

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Lavender- my favorite herb.

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I love lavender, and grow at least 5 varieties of lavender. Pick lavenders of different shades and heights, and enjoy the wonderful lavender perfume. Bees love lavender and we need our bees so you are helping bees by planting lavender too.Lavender has been used for centuries and has an interesting history.

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Sweet cicely

Sweet cicely is such a pretty , white, fluufy herb. Sweet cicely is also a really useful herb to grow if you are trying to cut down on sugar in your desserts and cooked fruits. If you add sweet cicely to, say, rhubarb when you cook it, you only need half the usual sugar, as sweet cicely cuts acidity.

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Set aside some time to plant fresh herbs, and enjoy the buzz and great feeling of sprinkling healthy, green, tasty home grown herbs on your favorite recipes.

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