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hese articles are helpful if you're new to the world of Android, apps and the Android Market. This series of articles covers what is Android and what are Android apps; productivity apps that help you to keep your business and personal life organized; how to download and install Android apps from the Android Market via your pc, and a little bit about the author, Shersandroid.

Android Apps
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Android and Android Apps

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This article will help newbies learn what Android is, what Android apps are, and how to utilize Android to help their lives run smoother.

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Essential Droid Productivity Apps

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Here you'll find a list of Android apps to help run your business on-the-go, and that can even help you keep your personal life organized. There is an explanation of each app, including what it does. The apps listed can be used as document scanners, to create office documents, track expenses and mileage, and more.

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Android Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage

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This article will help you to have a better understanding of the "cloud," along with things you should and should not save in the "cloud." You'll also find a list of the best and more reliable cloud storage apps on the Android Market.

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How to Download and Install Android Android Apps from the Android Market via your PC

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This article explains, with step-by-step screenshots, how to download and install Android apps via your PC, from the Android Market. Also included are tips to help you choose the best apps for your smartphone.

Top 5

Shersandroid Wizzography

Here you'll learn a little bit about the author, Shersandroid, such as where she lives, and how she ended up in such a beautiful place!

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I hope you enjoy this list and that it will help you to learn more about Android, apps and different uses for your smartphone!

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jimformation's picture

I've found the android

I've found the android marketplace far less user-friendly and intuituve than the Apple App Store. And the quality of the Apps are generally less. Thanks for these links to help find the best content on the Android store

james's picture

I don't understand why you

I don't understand why you even talk about Apple, why don't you mention Windows marketplace then? This is crazy, if we are on Android it's because we don't want to have anything to do with apple or microsoft anymore, we don't care what happen on their system. User friendly often means designed for dumb and dumber, on android we don't suffer from this problem, we can use a computer, so a phone is a joke and we enjoy having lots of settings everywhere :-)
Also for the price of apps, it's simple I have many apps and I pay none, so it means there is a big possibility of having many things on android and not having to pay. The only one I'm tempted of buying is GTA III 10th anniversary.. :-)

Android is good on its own and doesn't need to be compared to the apple crap, it's not because millions of iphone have been sold to people that we should care about it and even mention it. I'm sorry but I never wanted to finance and support this "cool" jail of the apple system.
ios can do what they want, the less I hear about it the better, like I'm going to switch from android to ios, hahaha it's never going to happen. The other way is a relief for those who do it, if not, their case is desesperate :-)

czechoffthebeat's picture

I use both systems, and find

I use both systems, and find it the best of both worlds, but to each his own. :) These articles are geared toward those who are new to Android and aren't sure what it's all about. I've been very impressed by Android and want others to know it's not only for geeks, but can be useful to everyone :)