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f you like to throw hard punches, kicks and elbows in training then it is extremely important that you buy a quality heavy bag. it will enable you to try out all the combinations without fearing your punch bag will be able to take them or not.
A high quality punch bag will also ensure you have a great workout even if you don’t compete at the highest level in professional sports.
Here we have compiled a top 5 list of heavy bags for you to check out, the list is carefully compiled after looking at the features and overall quality that these hanging bags provide.

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Top 1

RDX Un-Filled Zero Impact G-Core Punching Heavy Duty Bag

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• Includes High-Quality Chains
• A pair of top quality RDX punching gloves included
• Secured with Zip-fastened closure
• Heavy Duty 45cm wide Punch Bag Anchor System
• Leather-X Technology
• Swing reduction functionality
• Able to withstand the toughest trainings

Top 2

Ringside Leather Heavy Bag 65 LBS

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• Bag is constructed with 100% pure leather
• In order to support the leather hanging straps sturdy stitching and rivets are used
• There is a 2” soft foam liner that ensures a comfortable punching surface

Top 3

Title Leather Classic Heavy Bag 150 LBS

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• Best quality cowhide leather build
• Huge frame of 18”x 48”
• Bottom D-ring included for securing down to the floor
• Capable to taking maximum strikes force

Top 4

Everlast Poly Canvas Heavy Bag 70 LBS

• Includes rugged and tough poly canvas shell
• Added feature of double end attachment that enables you to hook the bag to the floor for improve stability
• Ideal for person weighing 120-160 pounds
• Inexpensive basic heavy bag

Top 5

Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag 100 LBS

• The bag is manufactured in USA
• Shredded fabric is used as a filling
• Bag supports securely stitched straps
• Heavy duty reusable vinyl cover included
• D-Ring on the bottom is added upon request
• 10 year warranty included

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