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ost people these days do not get enough fruit in their diet. The irony of this is that it the characteristics of a food that most people want can be found in fruits. Yet a large percentage of the population chooses to eat pre-packaged and highly processed garbage foods instead. Fruit is cheap, readily available, portable, and easy to eat. It also just so happens to have a great flavor and is very healthy for your body. I am not sure why anyone would not want to eat fruit. Based on these characteristics, the top 5 fruits that you should be eating on a regular basis are list below.

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The banana is probably the most consumed fruit in the world. Not only is it very convenient and easy to it, it's extremely healthy for you. Bananas provide many vital nutrients such as Potassium and B-Vitamins to your body. Some even say that a banana can cure a hangover! Bananas are a wonderful fruit that should be at the top of everyone's list for great foods.

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Apples are a great summer snack. Actually, they are great anytime! Apples are so good for you, they should be eaten daily. Did you know that you can also incorporate apples into almost have meal as well - it's so easy? An apple a day keeps the doctor away - that' s the old saying anyway.

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I say berries because I couldn't choose just one variety. All berries are very high in antioxidants and have been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease and some cancers. Why not add some blueberries or blackberries to your morning cereal? You may experience a great energy boost from them as well as a happier stomach.

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Oranges and other citrus fruits are best known for the amount of Vitamin C that they contain. But did you know that they also are a good source of fiber and have been proven to prevent many diseases? In fact, oranges are a great way to prevent Scurvy - the dreaded disease that pirates often got.

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Kiwis are an awesome fruit that have a great texture and flavor. Don't forget to add these immune system boosting fruits to your daily diet.

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Fruits are nature's gift to us. If we replaced just some of the junk we eat on a daily basis with fruit, perhaps America would be a healthier place. Again, fruit is cheap, portable, easy to eat, and extremely healthy for us.

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