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lanning out a Halloween party can be a lot of fun. Everything can be planned around the Halloween theme, including the food and drinks you serve at the party! From Hotdog Finger Food to fruit punch labeled as "Blood", this can be a fun and creative way to serve the food and drinks to your guests. Here are a few fun ideas for the Halloween party food you can serve!

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Hotdog Finger Food.

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Hotdog Finger Food is easy to make and will work with the Halloween season! When you cook the hotdogs, wrap them up in biscuits so that only the tip of the hotdogs are sticking out. The hotdogs will then look like fingers.

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Monster Eyes.

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To make Monster Eyes, buy a jar of green olives (make sure they have the red spots on them). You can buy as many jars as you would like. Label a large bowl as "Monster Eyes" and dump all of the olives in it.

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Bowl of Bones.

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Buy as many packs of the mini candy dog bones as you can. White bones would look the best but colored can be used as well. When you get all of the bones, pour them into a bowl. You can label the bowl as "Bones" or "Monster Bones" or leave it unlabeled.

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Halloween Cookies.

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If you want to keep it traditional, you can always bake a batch or two of Halloween cookies. You can bake cookies with the graphics on them or use cookie cutters to cut them into various shapes. Cut them into pumpkins, black cats, witches, and spiders. You can also use colorful icing and sprinkles to decorate the cookies.

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Halloween Drinks.

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Of course you will need to serve something to drink at the party. Orange and dark colored soda will fit the traditional Halloween colors. Fruit punch can be labeled as "Blood" and green juice or soda can be labeled as "Monster Blood". You can also serve regular drinks to be sure everyone gets something to drink.

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Your guests will love the Halloween party food you have set up for them to try! Sure it sounds disgusting to eat fingers, monster eyes, and bones, but that is the whole point of a Halloween party! It will be a lot of fun to watch the guests reactions to your creativity. When you take photos of your Halloween party to look back on, be sure to snap a few of the food and drinks you will be serving! It all sounds so gross, it's good! Have fun at your party and Happy Halloween!

Image: Pixabay.

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