Best Review - Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Boys in 2011


hen the Halloween season approaches, going costume shopping with your little boy may be easier said than done. There are so many costumes out there, it's hard to choose just one. So to help narrow down the search, here are a few of the top Halloween costumes for boys in 2011. You can use this list as a guide to what costumes are out and what is popular this year.

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Spiderman Muscle Costume.

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The Spiderman Muscle Costume consists of the traditional red and blue suit. The suit has a hood which is used as the mask and the spider logo on the center of the chest. But this is not called a muscle costume for nothing. The Spiderman suit has muscles on the chest and arms. This is an officially licensed Marvel costume.

Top 2

Devilish Fiend Kids Costume.

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The Devilish Fiend Kids Costume includes a dark red robe and hood, an evil looking red devil mask, and a medallion that can come off of the hood. Great for boys who want to dress as something scary for Halloween this year!

Top 3

Boys Mario Costume Deluxe.

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The Boys Mario Costume Deluxe comes with the blue overalls with big yellow buttons, red long sleeve shirt, the famous Mario hat, gloves, and mustache. If your little boy is a fan of the Super Mario Brothers, then he may love dressing up as him for Halloween!

Top 4

The Smurfs Movie Deluxe Child's Costume.

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The Smurfs Movie Deluxe Child's Costume comes with a blue and white fleece jumpsuit and a white foam pointy hat. The top of the jumpsuit is blue with long sleeves and matching gloves. The bottom of the jumpsuit is white with an attached blue tail and white foam shoe covers. The jumpsuit has a Velcro closure in the back. Your little boy will definitely have a Smurfy Halloween!

Top 5

Star Wars Clone Wars General Grievous Child's Costume.

The Star Wars Deluxe General Grievous Costume includes a jumpsuit, which is complete with an attached cape, chest piece, shoulder pieces, shin guards, and a gauntlet. It also comes with a mask. If your son is a fan of Star Wars Clone Wars, he will love this Halloween costume!

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This is just a small list of the top Halloween costumes for boys in 2011. Show your son the list of top Halloween costumes and see if there is anything that catches his eye. When your son picks out the costume he wants, try to make the purchase as soon as possible so that you and your son are ready for Halloween. You can find the Halloween costumes in retail stores or online at shopping websites. Take your son to the store to pick out a costume or order it online and have it shipped directly to your home. Have fun costume shopping with your son and Happy Halloween!

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