Best Review - Top 5 German goalscorers in UEFA champions league

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List of the top 5 German goalscorers in UEFA champions league since 1992, last updated 7 Nov 2011 Mario Gómez Scored 17 goals. Michael Ballack scored 16 goals. Miroslav Klose scored 14 goals. Carsten Jancker scored 13 goals. Mehmet Scholl scored 12 goals.
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Great post, I am surprised by

Great post, I am surprised by small amount of goals for these top scorers, is their carrier shorter or what?

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Hi Sportsnews247, thanks for

Hi Sportsnews247, thanks for your comments, no its not that their carrier is shorter, this is only the amount they scored in UEFA champions league tournament since it has been renamed in 1992, those does not include goals they scored in their club ligas, cups, UEFA league cup or even their goals with the Germany National team, its only the goals they scored with their clubs at the UEFA championship, But really great that you asked that question.