Best Review - Top 5 Funny Crazy USB Flash Drives


hese are the top 5 funny crazy USB flash Drives I have ever seen. I guess people cannot just leave well enough alone. Some of these USB flash drives are obviously not very usable. They even block other ports on the computer, but never the less they are on the market for us to either enjoy, be proud of or to laugh at.

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<strong>USB Flash Drive</strong> Data Storage - a Real Corker

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Now this is data storage that could be hid away for decades in this nifty usb flash drive disguised as a wine bottle cork. James Bond's Mr. M or Mr. Q could not have done better.

Top 2

<strong>USB Flash Drive</strong> Data Storage - a Real Bear

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I know cats are curious but I never realized bears, even Teddy Bears, could be so silly as to stick their head into a USB port. That's what happened to this poor Teddy as he became a USB Flash Drive funny and weird list member. Poor Teddy

Top 3

<strong>USB Flash</strong> Key - Bites the Bullet

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Quite weird, this USB Flash key that looks all the world like a 7.62 bullet. I wonder how long it will be before someone tries to chamber this baby to see how far it will fly.

Top 4

<strong>USB Flash</strong> Data Storage - Lego Block

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If you ever accidentally used this real life sized USB Flash Lego duplicate Data Storage Key in a big Lego set up you might never see the USB flash again.

Top 5

<strong>USB Flash</strong> Data Storage - Golden Key Flash

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A real eye catcher, this USB flash looks the part of a small group of gold bullion. Only problem is that as golden as it is the usability of this one is suspect. Most certainly it will be blocking some other ports as it shines doing its work.

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If you have seen even funnier or crazier USB flash drives, let me know and I will add them to this Best Reviewer Top list. Let's see if we can make it grow up to 20 crazy USB flash drives.

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