Best Review - Top 5 Fun Things to Do with Kids at the Phoenix Children's Museum


ere a list of some of the fun things to do with kids at the Phoenix Children's Museum. The exhibits change from time to time, but these activities were a big hit last time I took my kids there. My kids had so much fun playing with all the things in this kids educational yet fun museum.

Fun Things to do with Kids at the Phoenix Children's Museum
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The Noodle Forest - Phoenix Children's Museum

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The Noodle Forest is an area that has thousands of those foam swim noodles hanging from the ceiling. Kids walk into the noodles and are completely engulfed by the noodles and must find their way out. It's very fun.

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The Climber - 3 Story Play Structure at the Phoenix Children's Museum

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The Climber is a 3 Story Play Structure that's HUGE. It even has a flying bathtub. See pictures of it on my website here:

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Tricycle Car Wash - Phoenix Children's Museum

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Kids can jump on a tricycle or Big Wheel and ride through a pretend car wash. Some of the tricycles even have rickshaws on the back. See my website for photos.

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The Kids Grocery Store and Pretend Pizzaria Restaurant

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Complete with small metal shopping carts, and all kinds of boxes, cans, and bottle of food and household supplies, your kids can fill their play grocery carts. There are even play checkout lanes and cash registers. Kids can also scoop up dry beans and legumes and weight them, which is lots of fun. Attached to the grocery store is a play restaurant where kids can cook up their ingredients and bake pizzas in a pretend brick oven.

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The Ball Maze Room - Phoenix Children's Museum

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The Ball Maze Room has all kinds of ball mazes kids get to design. There is even one that goes around the entire room.

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If you are looking for fun things to do with kids in Phoenix, the Children's Museum is the place to go. With three levels of all out fun for the kids, this hands on educational museum is a perfect place for your kids to explore and learn about all kinds of things. My kids LOVE going there and I'm sure that yours will too! The Children's Museum of Phoenix was recently listed as one of the Top 10 Best Children's Museum in the country by

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