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ruits are great to eat everyday because they are considered healthy, taste great, and are filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also filled with fiber which makes them great for staying regular. Furthermore, fruits are portable, easy to eat, compostable and are just an all around great natural form of food. But what fruits are the best? There are so many to choose from so I am hoping this article will help you choose which are the best.

yellow banana fruits
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As this great article states, banana's just might be the perfect food! Delicious, portable, and full of valuable nutrients that your body is dying for. No wonder it's one of America's favorite fruits. It's a shame that the donut market is exploding because the world could sure use more bananas. Keep in mind though, we are just one step away from banana doomsday. A single virus or fungus could wipe out the world's supply of bananas in just a few weeks if we aren't careful.

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Would you believe that mangos are another SUPER FOOD? In fact, some famous guy once said that "Mangoes are the King of all Fruits!" Mangoes are awesome because they have this great flavor and some people say they can even help you drop some pounds. Who doesn't want to lose some weight these days? They're also loaded with vitamin C which can help prevent scurvy when you're traveling the world.

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Everything in life is pretty much better with a cherry on top right? Sure. There's a reason for this famous saying - Cherries are one of the best ways to "top" your day because they are full of antioxidants, vitamans, and are just plain great to eat. If you can get past the pit then you just might be ready to add some cherries to your cereal every morning!

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Sadly, pears are often and overlooked fruit when it comes to snacking. Ask the average citizen and people would likely name 10 other fruits before pears come to mind. However, if you're trying to eat healthy than the good 'ol pear needs to be a staple in your diet. Pears might bruise easily but that does not mean that it won't make you feel better to eat one of them. With that said, here's some great recipes for pears:

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Prickly Pear

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You might be thinking: WTF? A prickly pear? Yes. I just did that. And yes, you can eat a prickly pear - after the huge spikes are removed from the fruit of course. This superfood was once an exotic treat that few people even got to see. However, now most specialty shops and nutritious food suppliers will sell this amazing plant. Want to know it's benefits? Read on....

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There's the list of my top 5 favorite and best fruits for health. So enjoy and start chomping on those delicious treats from mother nature.

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