Best Review - Top 5 Foods for a Fish Fry

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Looking for something different to serve at the next gathering or party? Here in northern Louisiana we look for any excuse to have a fish fry! Here are five top food selections with the recipes for an authentic down home fish fry. These five favorite foods for a fish fry are my top choices. What's yours? Deep Fried Catfish Though this recipe calls for catfish, other fish such as trout and white perch can be prepared the same way. Fried Green Tomatoes A nice change from french fries, though you still might want to throw in a bag of frozen later for the kiddies! Hush Puppies Hush puppies are a must have at authentic southern fish fries! Corn on the Cob Don't worry about having leftovers. these taste great the next day, and keep well. Buttermilk Pie Buttermilk pie tastes somewhat like a chess pie. A budget friendly choice, and always a hit!
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Thank you Jimmie! Every

Thank you Jimmie! Every recipe is my own and I can assure you delicious!