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ome ehow articles take off while others stagnate. Reviewing this list might give you some ideas on how to write winners, and more importantly how to create article winners on a revenue sharing site.

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How to Earn Airmiles Fast

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This article was one on the first I did. A well placed link arranged by emailing a webmaster running a very popular Airmiles focused blog made this article take off. Yes, just one quality link made the difference.

Top 2

How to Earn Passive Income Writing

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Popular topic that brings me lots of traffic. While this article has more links to it, you can't tell on eHow exactly where the traffic comes from. The sidebar link on likely delivers a good chunk of the traffic and encourages the article to rank high in the SERPs.

Top 3

Investing in Copper Bars

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A bit of an obscure topic, with little written about it generally. Powerful links from several copper related forums give this little copper article plenty of link juice and make it a winner.

Top 4

How a Canadian Can Open a US Bank Account

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This article started as a sleeper but it provides good information and offers a very searchable title.

Top 5

Investing in Copper

Another copper article that benefits from powerful on target links I've built around the web. Again not a very big topic, more of a niche topic where a web of articles support each other.

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Great tops. I didn't know you

Great tops. I didn't know you were and eHower. Will have to check into it to see if we are friends there.