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ablets sprang onto the scene in 2010. In 2011 they are well on their way to becoming a dominant force. These flexible devices offer easy portability and a wide range of capabilities. All of this translates into the kind of device that may potentially relegate a number of other device into the heap of "has beens". Here are a few potential losers thanks to the future growth of tablets.

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eBook Readers

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Many tablets aren't any larger than an ebook reader, in fact some are smaller. Many of them offer access to ebooks, magazines, newspapers, and so forth. They don't have the great e-ink display that is so easy on the eyes, but adjustable brightness and screens can remedy the issue.

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Media Players

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The job of a media player is entertainment, both musical and video. Tablets are completely at home in the entertainment business. In fact their larger screens make them an even better option for watching video. Of course they can also be a pretty great place for gaming too.

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A tablet isn't as good as a laptop for those who are working or creating content. They don't offer a mouse or a keyboard which can stifle productivity. However, some tablets can dock with a keyboard or in some cases even transform into a netbook or laptop as needed. One day, this may be more common.

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Well, this might be a little far fetched, but it's possible. More likely, the line between smartphones and tablets will blur more. There are now tablet phones which are basically tablets that offer calling capabilities. With a front facing webcam they can be used for video calls, and with some you can place voice calls using a Bluetooth headset. Again, this type of capability may expand resulting in tablets becoming the must have, always with you device rather than smartphones.

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GPS Devices

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To get navigational assistance you may use a standalone GPS device or you may make use of your smartphone. However, there are a number of tablets that offer this navigational ability.

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