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Domain name marketing is big business with people buying up the domains they think will become sought after in the future.With the top keyword .Com, .Net and other domains all bought up it's getting harder to find good domains so you have to splash the cash to acquire that killer domain name.Back in the Dot Com boom everyone went a bit crazy resulting in extravagant prices, lets look at the top 5. Other expensive domains that sold for over $5 million include,, and SEO.Com.This is the top 5 to the best of my knowalage and research do you know of a domain sale i missed ? was sold for in the region of $14 million. Fund.Com was sold for just under $10 Million. was sold for over $9 million. featched $7.5 million. Diamonds.Com Diamonds.Com also sold for $7.5 million.
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All that for a domain name?

All that for a domain name? They should try Elephant Traffic to try and make back a little of that money.