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amask throw pillows are an elegant way to accent your home decor. The beautiful patterns on Damask throw pillows create a visual focal point and look great on a solid colored sofa or loveseat. They can also be used as accent pillows for the bedroom. There are many popular choices of Damask throw pillows, including the most popular color choices listed below.

Damask Throw Pillows
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Blue Damask Throw Pillows

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Blue and gray colored damask throw pillows are one of the most popular hues of damask pillows.

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Green Damask Throw Pillows

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Some people like to accent their sofa with a green damask throw pillow. Green pillows can come in a variety of hues from a deep forest green to a bright lime green. Green is a popular color choice for outdoor damask throw pillow to be used on patio furniture.

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Purple Damask Throw Pillows

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Purple Damask Throw Pillows look really nice with lighter colored furniture, such as white wicker chairs or light colored sofas.

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Red Damask Throw Pillows

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A deep red damask pillow gives a very rich tone to the room. Reds are very common in southwestern styled homes.

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Orange Damask Throw Pillows

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An orange damask throw pillow is a fun color for a summer time patio furniture set. Or it complements the red decor too. Orange also looks great with yellow and would be a nice accent in a room whose walls are any tone of yellow.

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Damask throw pillows are a great way to add an elegant touch to your home decor. Do you currently have an damask patterned items in your home? If so, please leave a comment below and tell me what home decor item you have that is damask patterned.

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