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on-profits and even individuals are always in need of cash. Until recently, they were limited to television commercials, direct mail or borrowing from family and friends to plead for funds for their cause. Now, thanks to the internet, there is a new way to raise money for a worthy cause and that is through crowdfunding.

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Gofundme is a straight forward site that is simple to use. You simply join, set your goal, upload a picture and tell your story. You can post your profile to your facebook wall and invite friends from your email contacts. This site allows personal fundraising as well as business and creative campaigns. Gofundme raised $470 million in 2014, the most of any site. They charge a processing fee of 2.9% and $.30 per donation.

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Kickstarter is much like gofundme, except that they seem to lean towards the arts and technology. They are an easy to navigate site for your fundraising projects. However, they do not allow personal fundraising, but only creative projects and ventures. Kickstarter raised $444 million in 2014. The fees are 3-5% per donation.

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This site allows both personal and creative projects. It is unclear how much money was raised by this site but it is pretty popular with a 687 Alexa rank. The fee is 9% but if your goal is reached, 5% of that will be refunded. Also, there is a 3% processing fee per donation.

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Crowdfunder is run much the same as the others with one major difference. On this site, investors can fund your startup business and they have the option to become shareholders. This site is not meant for individual fundraising. It is geared toward entrepreneurs who are starting up their own businesses.

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Yet another site for almost anyone with a cause. Whether you're raising money for the greater good or for a personal endeavor, you can do it here. There's a lot of campaigns here for the arts and social causes, as well as for business startups.

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Most campaigns run for a preset amount of time, say 3 months. Once you set up your campaign, it's up to you to use your social media accounts to spread the word about your project. Hopefully, as friends and family begin donating, they'll share your cause with their followers and so on. You should market your cause to raise as much interest in it as possible.

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