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ack in the olden days, when it came time for people to file their tax returns, they had to go to an accountant with all of their necessary documents. As time went on, things changed, and eventually with the Internet, people now had the chance to use their computers in order to file their taxes. However, while accountants are still used today for things like getting forms, such as the form 7004, there are companies that can also help with forms, and are five in particular that are experts are tax information and helping their clients file using computers.

Companies That People Can Turn To For Tax Help

With the help of computers, people can get help for filing their form 7004, which is for an extension, but other tax help as well including filing their taxes. Filing taxes electronically, which is also known as e-filing, is one of the most popular ways to file taxes. There are a number of companies that can help people with anything involving their taxes, and here are the top 5 companies that people turn to when it comes time to gather what they need for the 15th of April:

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Tax Extension has been around since 1997, and claims to have the most experience out of all the websites that offer tax extension filing assistance. Their website has both the approval of the IRS and the BBB, and people can feel safe using it since they make security one of their highest priorities.

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H&R Block

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H & R Block is the biggest name in the world when it comes to preparing taxes. The company has been around since 1955, and there are more than 12 thousand locations that are scattered around the United States and its territories. H&R Block can handle all aspects of tax preparation including filing form 7004.

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Jackson Hewitt

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There are over 6300 locations around the United States, and they are available to help people prepare taxes including tax extensions. There are also over 3000 Jackson Hewitt offices that are actually located inside neighborhood Walmart stores which make it even more convenient to file taxes.

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Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service began in 1997, and they specialize in filing taxes including the need to file a tax extension. Liberty Tax Service began with just five offices in the United States, but now over 4400 offices, and there are more growing every year.

Top 5

Tax Act

Tax Act began in 1998, and they do help people who want to file taxes online, and they can also help people file tax extensions as well. If people need any help, Tax Act does have support service, and people can get the answers they need quickly.

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A long time ago, people had to go to accountants for their tax help, even with forms like form 7004. However, these days, there are 5 top companies in the United States that offer people all kinds of help with their taxes, and they are all experts that can make sure people can get their taxes done on time, and filed electronically.

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