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hen you own a spa or salon, it is not enough to have the right skill to handle different manicure and pedicure treatments. You also need the right equipment, and that is when you just cannot do without a high quality pedicure chair. Any type of seating mainly designed to simplify the task of performing a pedicure can be called pedicure chairs, but they can have different features depending on the brand you choose. Here are the top 5 companies offering the finest quality pedicure chairs.

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JA Pedicure Chair

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J & A pedicure spa chairs are probably the finest you can find in the market today. They have been manufacturing high-tech spa chairs using the technology of safe Pipe Less Whirlpool since 1996. Their product line is impressive and after-sales technical support is simply outstanding. Cleo GX pedicure spa is one of their best offerings – it comes with unique body styling and five unique massage settings. Their spa chairs also come with ventilation setup that helps get rid of unwanted fumes and provides a safe work environment. The company now serves clients throughout the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii together with international communities such as Europe, Mexico, Canada, Africa, and Asia. You just cannot go wrong when you put your money on JA pedicure spa chairs!

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You can always opt for pedicure spa chairs from Continuum to have maximum peace of mind. These chairs make use of natural components and do not rely heavily on plastic. They also operate with fewer resources, which is why they are taxing for the environment. The use of sustainable materials adds to the value of these chairs. These chairs look even better when you consider the fact that they come with the most durable, solid surface basin. Look no further than Continuum if you are looking for high quality, eco-friendly pedicure chairs!

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Whale Spa

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Pedicure spa chairs at Whale Spa show the perfect blend of form and function. They have been in business for 25 years now and manufacture pedicure chairs in their Los Angeles facility. These chairs use high quality materials and come with pipeless jets, wooden armrests, and a variety of bowel materials. These chairs with supple leather upholstery are sure to keep your client comfortable all the time. You may want to put your money Whale Spa pedicure chairs if you care about providing a relaxing experience to your clients.

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Gulfstream has to be on the list of top-5 companies offering high quality pedicure spa chairs because their chairs are available in unique designs with custom colored glass bowls and hygienic liners for those bowls. They offer custom-made furniture only and each product is tested before delivery. You can certainly hope to get pedicure chairs that will keep your clients comfortable all the time.

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PSOA pedicure spa chairs can compete with top-of-the-line companies because they manufacturer their chairs with their focus on reliability, quality, affordability, and durability. You will find their chairs quite impressive because they look stylish and have advanced features, such as pipeless jet, full massage, manicure tray, and s on. Interestingly, there pedicure chairs are quite impressive but they do not charge you a lot for their products and services. They also introduce discount deals from time to time and help you save some money in the process.

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