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oin roll hunting is a form of coin collecting that can actually be a profitable hobby. Rather then focusing on buying coins from dealers, Coin roll hunters search rolls or bags of circulating coins for rarities, international coins, silver, and base metal coins with a value higher then face value. These resources explain the hobby in detail

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Introduction to Coin Roll Hunting

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A primer on coin roll hunting as a hobby from a US perspective. A good place to start to learn about coin roll hunting in the United States of America. The US i one of the best places to coin roll hunt because older coins are still valid currency, unlike the EU that replaced all older historic coins with debased coins during the EU conversion process.

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A hobby that pays

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Learn why CRH pays and how the hobby works. A good primer on Coin Roll Hunting.

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Gresham's Law of Money

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The economics behind coin roll hunting. Bad money drives out good money every time. The public will keep higher value money and spend the lower value money with the same stated value.

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Pennies Worth More Than a Penny

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Yes, some pennies are worth more than others. Learn which to keep and which to dump.

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Why Collect Copper Pennies

Coin roll searching is not just about silver and collector coins. There is a base metal play too.

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