Best Review - Top 5 Cell Phones for People with Special Needs


ell phones have become an integral part of life for most of us. They keep us connected, entertain us, and provide security as well. Unfortunately, the average modern cell phone may not work well for people with special needs. There are some phones however that do buck the trend and have a build or features that are different from the norm and better serve those who have special needs.

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EZ One Cell Phone for Those with Low Vision

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The EZ One is a GSM phone with an extra large keypad, large white numbers on a black background, and 1.6" LCD screen. It's keyboard can be set to speak numbers when dialing and it offers a handsfree speakerphone, vibration alert, and one touch dialing for up to 8 numbers.

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Sanyo 2700 for Kids

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The special needs that young kids have related to cell phones is their need for safety from predators, bullies, and so forth as well as their parents need to limit or monitor use. There are kid friendly plans offered by cellular companies that can help with this and applications that can assist too. On the other hand, a basic cell phone like the Sanyo 2700 which offers GPS, no web access, and parental controls such as timeblocks and allowances is a great option.

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The Jitterbug J for Seniors

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Not all seniors have special needs when it comes to cell phones. Some are perfectly comfortable using an iPhone or some other modern device. However, for some seniors, vision or hearing may be reduced, fine motor skills may not be perfect, or their comfort level with complex navigation may not be ideal. For these individuals, a phone with simple menus, some one button dialing options, a speakerphone, good volume, large font, a spacious keyboard, and a build that's comfortable in the hand is important. The Jitterbug J is one of several options that meet this criteria.

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The SideKick 3 for Those with a Severe-Profound Hearing Loss

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For those who are deaf or have a severe-profound hearing loss, text messaging can be a good alternative to voice calling. The SideKick 3 is a good text messaging phone. For those who want the ability to use sign language, video chat is possible with a 4G network and the front facing camera of the HTC EVO 4.

Top 5

Net10 Phones for Those With Restricted Budgets

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The typical cell phone plan carries a monthly cost that can be prohibitive for many people. The per minute cost of some prepaid plans may also be prohibitive or the phone offered too expensive. Net10 offers phones for as little as $19 and calls cost only 10 cents per minute. Clearly, for those on a restricted budget, calls would need to be limited, but for those who need a phone only for emergency and occasional use, Net10 would be a good affordable choice.

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You forgot to mention another

You forgot to mention another great phone for people with special needs - Just5 phone! Those phones are awesome! And their customer service is just wonderful! I think everybody who reads this should give them a try! My Mom is 72 and she even started to use the phone more frequently after i bought her this Just5 phone :-)
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LOL! Just5 spammers have left

LOL! Just5 spammers have left me hundreds of SPAM comments on my content in the past few months...Thanks for responding "webmaster"!