Best Review - Top 5 Cell Phone Plans for Seniors


or some seniors, the typical cell phone plan may not fit their needs well. The typical cell phone plan includes large amounts of talk time that far exceed their usage. For a senior who doesn't work and isn't involved with growing teenagers, their calling needs are sometimes less. In some instances in fact, it can be more economical to pay more per minute if usage is low enough. There are both traditional post-paid plans and prepaid cell phone plans that may better meet the needs of such seniors.

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Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans

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Jitterbug cell phone plans start as low as $14.99 per month with as few as 50 minutes or as many as 1000 minutes of talk time. There are no contracts, no termination fees and no confusion. There are no roaming fees, long distance, or time of day restrictions. In fact, minutes don't expire from month to month. The Jitterbug phones only cost $99 and are the easiest phone to use on the market.

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AT&T Senior Nation 200 Plan

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For individuals 65 and older, AT& T offers 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling for $29.99 per month. There are no roaming or long distance charges. This plan does require a 2 year committment and calls that exceed the limit, cost 45 cents per minute.

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The Senior Value Plan From Tracfone

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With a $20 phone and a $7/month plan, the Senior Value Plan from Tracfone may be a good choice. There are no bills, no contract, no termination fees, and even if you run out of minutes you can still make free 911 calls. The phone provides simple navigation, is easy to read, and is hearing aid compatible. Users get a web browser, voice mail, a speaker phone, a calendar, alarm clock, calculator, stop watch, and text messaging capabilities.

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Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans

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Consumer Cellular is a prepaid cellular provider. Currently, they are offering double minutes. For instance, users can now get 500 minutes for $20 or 1000 minutes for $30. Seniors who are members of AARP can even get a discount. There are also simple cell phones available for those who prefer a basic phone.

Top 5

Verizon Wireless Nationwide 65 Plus

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Verizon offers a $29.99/month plan with 200 anytime minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes. Users also get web access, voicemail, and caller ID. There are a variety of more sophisticated phones available with the plan including a Droid Incredible and several BlackBerry devices.

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While not right for everyone, these lower cost, simpler cell phone plans may be a perfect solution for some seniors.

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rose's picture

I got my Mom a Net10 phone as

I got my Mom a Net10 phone as the costings are so easy to do...10c a minute to call and a text costs 3c and that's it! No hidden fees, simple to use phones that come with 300 free minutes and national coverage! She loves her phone and gets real excited to get texts from her children and grandchildren. Her Net10 phone has been such a comfort to me being able to reach her wherever she is and I top up her airtime so she never runs out!

Dara's picture

My vote is for TracFone SVC.

My vote is for TracFone SVC. It's perfect for seniors with lighted, big key pad - super basic, simple to use phone that has GPS emergency location and hearing aid compatible, easy to read minute display on screen. It's basic, cheap and reliable!

Mariah's picture's about time's about time cell phone companies worry about senior citizens! I was at WalMart the other day and save a Senior Value Cell phone plan by TracFone. I immediately bought it for my grandparents. The minutes are affordable and the phone is perfect for all their needs.

Charlotte's picture

Glad to see that finally

Glad to see that finally there are many affordable options for cell phones for seniors. My perfsonal pick would be TracFone SVC. i like it's simplicity, reliabiltily and definitely the affordability factor. Got one fo rmy grandma for the new year and she has dedinitley turned a new leaf..she doesn't leave home wtihout it and on rar occationss, we would get random text messages from her (Gasp!)

Blake Glaston's picture

Hi: I'm wondering how come


I'm wondering how come you have no mention of Value Plus Mobile? They have much lower rates than any other carrier out there with the best national coverage and U.S Based customer support. Their rates start at only $5.99 per month which includes 30 minutes as well. Perhaps you are unaware of them. Please look into them and let us all know what you think. All my friends and I have now switched to their plans.