Best Review - Top 5 Breast Cancer Journey Tales Part 10 by Healing Seeker


race the saga of Healing Seeker as she travels her Breast Cancer Journey from first discovering the large lump to the diagnosis of having malignant breast cancer to a treatment plan that includes chemo, a double mastectomy, and radiation, to the blessed state of being in remission.

FYI – I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 7, 2010. I had stage 3A breast cancer. Thankfully, stage 3A is both treatable and curable. I had a Sub Q port implanted in my upper chest. Then I went through 8 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, and 35 days of radiation. In addition, I take a low-dosage chemo tablet. This will go on for five years.

I am very happy to report that since the day of my surgery on August 11, 2010, I have been “in remission” or as I prefer to state, “cancer-free.” The low-dosage chemo tablet is simply for preventative purposes to keep the cancer from returning.

When I was first diagnosed, I was determined not to indulge in many pity parties, so to speak. I am very proud to state that I only had nine. I gave myself a time limit so that I would not find myself wallowing in depression or despair.

I also decided that if what I was going through could be helpful to even one other, than my life would be that much more worthwhile. As a result, I started blogging about almost everything I went through having to do with breast cancer.

By reading these articles of what I had to go through, perhaps they may give you a dose of inspiration and encouragement. I wish you all a safe and very healthful and happy day.

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Your Chance to … Ask Dr. Edward P. Melmed, MD

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Your Chance to ... Ask the Doctor... Dr. Edward P. Melmed, MD. I did. Read my question and his response.

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How to go through first Red Devil chemo session

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How to go through first Red Devil chemo session in harmony and ease

Should you have the diagnosis of breast cancer or some other form of cancer requiring four or eight chemo sessions, you will most likely be given either a combination of A and C (Adriamycin and Cytoxan) or T (Taxotere) and Benadryl. A chemo session takes three or four hours to administer.

Other names for A or Adriamycin are ADR, Rubex, and hydroxyldaunorubicin. Most people call this particular drug the RED DEVIL. This is the part of chemotherapy that causes most people to lose their hair. Typically, it also causes you to pee orange or red for a day or two after each chemo session unless you stay hydrated with lots of liquids. They will always perform an echocardiogram prior to getting this chemo drug to make certain your heart and ejection fraction is strong enough to endure this drug.

Other names for C or Cytoxan are CTX and Neosar. This is the also the drug that can cause the rather common side effect of messing with your taste perception.

Other names for T or Taxotere are RP 56976 and NSC-628503. It is always given in conjunction with Benadryl and either Pepcid or Zantac to help you get through the dosage more comfortably. Additionally, your doctor will issue you a prescription for a light steroid to take the night before and the morning of your chemo session. The Pre Meds for this session only take about an hour to administer followed by an hour-long IV bag of Taxotere. You will need somebody to drop you off and pick you up due to the aftereffects of the Benadryl. The two most common side effects of this chemo drug is bone pain and messing with your taste perception.

Sometimes you may have a severe enough case of cancer that you will undergo perhaps four rounds of A & C followed by a possible four rounds of T. Understand that every cancer diagnosis and treatment is different. You could have the exact same diagnosis as somebody else and the exact same treatment plan; however, your reaction to this treatment could be entirely different due to the chemical make-up of your body and your attitude. Therefore, this article is the chronicle of one woman's experience. If you have a different experience, please share it in the comment section for the benefit of others.

Should you be getting the A & C combo, here is what you might expect to experience.

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Very few side effects after 1st Red Devil chemo

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Very few side effects after first of 4 Red Devil chemo sessions written on 6 February 2010

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It’s too weird that I could have breast cancer!

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It’s too weird that I could have breast cancer! written on 7 February 2010

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The breast cancer diagnosis is Stage 3A – not 3B

The breast cancer diagnosis is Stage 3A – not 3B written 8 February 2010

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Perhaps if you learn from the Breast Cancer Journey traveled by Healing Seeker, you yourself or someone you love will not have to travel that same road yourself. Should you get diagnosed with breast cancer, know that there is a higher road to take full of blessings, the realization of the great power of prayer, a loving support system, and maintaining a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Many blessings to you all! Healing Seeker aka Debbie

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