Best Review - Top 5 Biggest cities in the Netherlands


he Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe, well known for ... well ... you know :)

Ask a random person to name a city in the Netherlands and they will come up with Amsterdam. So, most tourists visit that city, but they will never see those other great cities Holland has to offer ! That's why I created this top list, as a passionate dutchman, so you tourists will make better choices next time. Sure, it is worth to visit the "Red-light disctrict" and the "coffeshops" to smoke "something". But there is more to life than this, right ? Take a look at the list and decide for yourself which cities you want to visit when heading for the Netherlands, good luck !

The Netherlands is very famous and many tourists visit the country yearly. The socces team "Oranje" is worldfamous. We play better that Spain this championship :) 5-1 ! Spain have to left in five days and we will be worldchampion ! Watch the games and you know why we are the best soccerteam in the world. A pity that most of our best players play in Spain, Germany and England. They should play in the netherlands !

What is your view on our beautifull country ? Will you visit, or do you want to visit some other country ?

The Netherlands
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The biggest city in The Netherlands. Famous for the Red light district, the drugs and the grachten. Many musea like the Van Gogh. More than 700.000 inhabitants from all over the world. It has a small port too, but not the biggest of the netherlands. Ajax is the soccerteam of this city.

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The city with almost the biggest port of the world. In worldwar 2 the city was burnt completely, so most historic building don't exist anymore. So it is the city with the most modern building in Holland. The city is home of the soccerclub Feyenoord.

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Den Haag

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Not the biggest city of the Netherlands, but it is the capital. Ado Den Haag is the biggest soccerclub of this city. Every year they have the free Parkpop festival. Many good bands play on that festival.

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The city of soccerclub FC Utrecht. Many students live in this city and they have the Dom tower. Lot's of historic buildings are found in the center of this beautifull city. Worth a visit.

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Eindhoven is the fifth biggest city of the Netherlands, home of soccerclub PSV. One of the most succesfull soccerclubs of the netherlands.

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