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ere i am going to describe the top 5 revenue sharing website for freelance writer to earn some money. Revenue sharing good for earning money as they are very friendly to search engines and will help writers to bring more traffic. Below are the top 5 revenue sharing website in my point of view :

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hubpage is one of the most popular revenue sharing website by which writers can earn 60% from google adsense and other revenue from amzon , ebay and koentra ads. This website has many members and also has good quality articles. Google trust this website and it is easy to get ranked well from this website. Please follow the URL below to register now and integrate with adsense from your account to earn money.

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Triond is a revenue sharing website which pays 50% of it's google adsense revenue to it's writer and also revenue from other advertising programs. A writer can earn money in both ways. It's ideal for those who doesn't have adsense ID because writers can still earn money from other advertising network. Follow the URl and register for free

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Flexiya is a social networking website powered by Google which will pay you 100% of it's google adsense revenue . If you have google adsense ID you should try networking in felxiya with your original content. You can integrate with Google adsense after posting 10 articles, photos or videos

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Squidoo shares 50% of his revenue with his user. You can try in squidoo to earn good amount of money

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Xomba shares 50% of it's adsense revenue with their user. You can also bookmark your favorite website in this website which makes it good for this reason

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Well as they are most popular Google revenue sharing website everywhere you will find the same list.I have just given my opinion to rank them in my point of view. These were my top favorite and now give your opinion by comments

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dekwriter's picture

Nice review. I've been

Nice review. I've been looking into a couple of those myself, Hubpages and Squidoo. Thanks for adding your top here, it's very timely for me.

DIYNutrition's picture

Actually its Flixya not

Actually its Flixya not Flexiya

tnvrstar's picture

@Diynutrition thanx for

@Diynutrition thanx for correcting the mistake but it doesn't matter as i had provided the correct link :D

Novem's picture

what do you mean when you say

what do you mean when you say "powered by google"?