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have a confession, I am a closet poet. I have been reviewing a number of poems (and lyrics) which I wrote many years ago during my youth. These have remained unpublished and largely hidden away in old, dusty notebooks. There are close to 200 of them, not counting those that I eventually discarded after careful consideration, after realising that they were not capable of much improvement by editing. As a guitar player/singer many of the poems I set to music and then called them songs not surprisingly.

I am now publishing a number of these on the internet to try and obtain some recognition for my past efforts. For now I have selected my best five poems, which I offer here for your delectation and edification.

a shower of gold
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The River – A Poem About A Tragically Depressed Individual.

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A poem describing the last desperate act of a very sad man. Life has proven to be too much and he cannot find the answers he wants to life’s crises.

Top 2

A Failed Love affair.

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A poem, which has also been set to music, telling of the ending of a love affair. The individual to whom this has happened is telling his story by using the idea of a song that is finished – a song that has been song, not to be repeated.

Top 3

One of The Tragedies of Life Today

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Far too many people in our society today are far too quick to take a violent way out of situations. This poem (lyric) was written in 1977 but has never been published or even seen the light of day. The text calls for another way of proceeding without the use of weapons, and a much calmer approach to issues.

Top 4

The Wicked Magician

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A poem written some time ago when my boys were small. They were talking in the back of the car and kept mentioning "the wicked magician". I still don’t know what or who he was.

Top 5

City Dreams

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Many of us seem to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill! This was the thought uppermost in my mind when I wrote these words.

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As a retiree, I am finding excitement in my old endeavours, I hope that if you have taken the time to read the poems, that you may also have found some of this excitement and enjoyed reading them. I hope to expand this list after editing and publishing more of my poems.

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dotpattern's picture

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your heartfelt emotions of youth. This inspires me to drag out my old poetry and see if there's still some life in there.

artyfax's picture

I'm glad that it has inspired

I'm glad that it has inspired you to look at your own work. I am finding that much of what I wrote as a youngster is just too dated for me to be comfortable with. But there is some stuff of which I feel quite proud. Some needs a little editing to prepare it for publishing, something I never ever though would happen. Buut the best part is I feel that I want to start expressing myself again in this way.