Best Review - Top 5 Best Microstock Sites For Selling Your Photographs Online


o you want to sell photos online and make money online with photography? Are you a stock photographer and want to sell your stock photos on varius mictostock agencies that will sell your photos and share the revenue with you? In this list you can find top 5 stock photography sites and microstock agencies that will surely make you a lot of money with your stock photography.

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iStockPhoto is one of the biggest microstock agency and it's surely one of the biggest earners for most stock photographers.

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ShutterStock is the leading micro stock agency at the moment. Their business model allows customers to make a subscription and during the subscription period the customer can download 25 pictures a day.

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Many photographers report that this is their third biggest earning site. Some report difficulty getting pictures approved. This site is one of the top 3 microstock sites in number of photos.

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Fotolia is a rising star in the field of stock photography. They usually pay more then 50% of the commission to the photographer, and allow you to set your own price.

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123rf is a relatively new agency which is doing well. They are still small, so if you are good standing out is easy. They pay 50% of each sale to the photographer - nice.

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