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he childhood of anyone is like full of toys. But hotwheels cars are something that attaracts the adults too. Hotwheels manufacture cars that could be related to any specific character or model or it could just make cars on its own imagination. Kids prefer most to have the character specific cars like in the year 2015 hotwheels made cars related to batman, marvel avengers, tom and jerry, guardians of the galaxy, star wars etc. Most of kids were mad to get these as they could then have their personal car of their favourite character. The classic batman 50th anniversary car was also launched in this year only. Now if talk about different cars of real company models then we could say that corvett, limo, al camino, chevorlet camaro, plymoth road runner etc. were on high demand this year. The HW imagination series included poppa wheelie, the cool one (ice cream truck), minter truckes etc. many kids don't prefer to buy these hw imgination colection. At last i would like to tell you that collecting hotwheels cars is a great passion and many classic HW cars can touch the sky in terms of money. Classic cars are very rare to find like the Red Liner series of hotwheels etc. So if you love hotwheels then don't suppress your passion. At last i would like to tell you that this article is about hotwheels collection cars.

P.S. I am a pshyco hotwheels fan and i am 14 years old.

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Top 1

1966 batmobile

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The epic 1966 batmobile was manufactured on the occasion of 50th anniversary of batman tv show. It depicts both batman and robin sitting in the car.

Top 2

The star wars collection

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The very famous movie star wars has been in hotwheels. The collection include kylo ren, darth vader, bb-8, captain phasma, storm trooper, yoda, chewbacca, luke skywalker, r2-d2 etc.

Top 3

The marvel collection

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The marvel after the great success of its movie i.e. Avengers:Age of Ultron has launched almost all character cars of marvel. The epic and mind-blowing collection includes iron man, captain america, thor, hulk, ultron, spiderman, black widow, hawk eye, rhino, wolverine etc.

Top 4

The Tom and Jerry collection

The one cartoon that I think every child has watched till now is tom and jerry show and I can bet that if anyone now also watches that show will surely laugh. The tom and jerry collection was launched in the late 2015 and it consists the cockney cab II, the power pipes, the gov'ner, the avant garde and the ryura LX.

P.S. It is personally one of my favourite.

Top 5

The DeLoreon car from "Back to the Future" (hover mode)

The very famous DeLorean for the awesome movie "Back to the Future" has now available to us in the form of hotwheels car. The most special thing about it is that it is in hover mode that is its wheels are faced downward.

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The 2015 mainline hotwheels collection consist of 75 HW City, 50 HW Off-Road, 60 HW Race and 65 HW Workshop, for a total of 250 cars. So,that means that there are many other cars except these 5 that i have listed.

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