any people enjoy the popular combination of champagne and strawberries and champagne and caviar. But Champagne is a drink which can be paired with a great variety of foods.

The five best foods to eat with champagne are:

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Strawberries are a fruit that are very popular with champagne, but many others can be enjoyed. A few ideas include apples and pears. Other fruits that also go well with champagne are apricots, blueberries and melons. The fruits which seem to pair best with champagne are fruits that aren't overly sweet.

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Cheese is excellent with champagne. French cheeses such as Brie and Camembert are ideal, but there are so many more. Another excellent French cheese that can be enjoyed with champagne is Port Salut. For those who enjoy blue cheese, the flavour and texture are enhanced by a glass of champagne. Other great cheeses for champagne are goat cheeses.

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Seafood is also ideal for champagne. A smoked salmon is amazing, but other ideas include smoked trout, red snapper, sea bass, clams, oysters, fish pate and caviar. These salty dishes combine wonderfully with a good champagne.

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Creamy Pasta

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Pasta also works very well with champagne. A creamy pasta such as spaghetti alla carbonara or pasta alfredo is fantastic. Other ones to consider are pastas with shrimp or clams. These are wonderful because they combine the flavours of seafood and pasta with a refreshing champagne.

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Egg-based Dishes

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Egg-based dishes tend to be dry and salty, perfect for champagne. Some of the best egg-based dishes are French ones such as quiche and souffle. If they include lots of cheese and bacon along with vegetables such as onions, leeks and potatoes, a glass of champagne will accompany them very well.

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While eating and sipping champagne is a very enjoyable experience, it should be done in moderation. Too much of the bubbly can give you horrible headache in the morning.

And please, don't drink and drive.

That said, have a bubbly time!

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