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xcellent series of guides for eBay beginners; from taking good pictures, all the way to finding inventory to buy. Learn how to set up a small photo studio, how to crop and touch up your pictures, and how to find inventory to sell. And for after the auction, teaches you how to use Paypal's Bulk Shipping Tool.

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How To Shoot Your Best eBay Pictures the Easy Way: Take Shooting Your Items A Level Higher

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Simple techniques that allow you to easily take better pictures for ebay listings.

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How to Build an Affordable Small Photography Studio Set-up for eBay Photos

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Now that you know how to take good pictures for ebay, step it up a notch by building a small table-top photo studio for even better pictures.

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How To Edit Your Photos For eBay: Great Pictures Fast and Easy

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You take great pictures, and your small photo studio set-up adds a degree of professionalism. Now learn how to put the finishing touches on your ebay pictures. Crop, color correct, adjust minor flaws... The final step in great pictures that help your ebay auctions sell better!

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How I Buy and Sell Inventory - Make Money on eBay With Christmas Ornaments

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Now that you can take incredible pictures for your auctions, what are you going to sell? Here are some practical suggestions and advice on how to obtain inventory, using my own main product as an example.

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Easy Bulk eBay Shipping in Minutes - How To Use Paypal MultiOrder Tool

After the auction; You've made the sale. As a matter of fact, you've made a lot of sales. Now you're looking at everything and wondering "How am I going to get all this shipped in good time?" Paypal has the answer, with easy bulk shipping using the Paypal Multi-Order Tool. Ship right from your home, no need to stand in line at the post office any more!

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Better pictures means better sales. Knowing how to find stock to buy gives you a professional edge over your competition. Shipping in a cost-effective and efficient manner helps you keep your customer scores high, making you a more trusted seller. When you're trying to make a business of it, every advantage can make the difference.

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