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his is a compilied list of articles published about painting metal art, working with paints, and surface preparation. I cover such topics as, the types of finished available and there properties, thinning acrylic paints with various solvents and liquids, application of clear coats over paint jobs, how to decant spray paint for mixing or airbrushing, and the characteristics of acrylic craft paint. Painting metals, especially steel can be a tricky proposition. Therefore, reading these articles will hopefully get the novice artist enough insight to experiment for themselves. So, by all means,. read and learn the techniques then apply your new found knowledge to your next project.

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Acrylic Craft Paints

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This article is about art craft paints commonly found at craft stores, and many big box stores. More specifically, about there application to metal and wood. This article discusses regular opaque colors as well as the metallic colors as well. Following that, some examples of metal art painted with acrylic craft paints is given.

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Paints and coating for metal creations

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This article covers commons finishes available to metal artist. Finishes covered, included, outdoor oil based paints, waterborne acrylic paints, lacquers, and powder coating. A brief descrption of these mediums and there application is covered,

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How to decant spray paint

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this article covers the application of an unusual yet easy activity, decanting spray paint. Many modelers use this method to do touch ups on there models. But ths technique has other uses as well. It can be used for mixing different colors of spray paint and for airbrushing.

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Thinning acrylic paints

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In this article, various common household liquids are covered for thinning acrylic paints for airbrush use. Such liquids include Pledge Acrylic Floor Finish, windex, and various alcohols.

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Clear coats for paint jobs

This article covers the various finishes to apply over paint jobs. Such finishes such as polyurethae, lacquers, and clear enamels

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