Best Review - Top 5 Baby Names That Has Weird Meanings


aming your child is one of the most exciting ways to express your happiness before or after childbirth. Many parents tend to create names by combining their names or sometimes name them after their great ancestors.

Parents whose interested in showbiz base the name of their child on their favorite celebrities and artists.

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This pretty-sounding feminine name has always been pertaining to the free spirit and independent woman. This has been widely popular from 1960's to 1980's and had a significant signature among actresses and royal empresses. But behind those cool letters, a real truth meaning has always been at its back. Claudia is a female form of the latin word Cladius and guess what? This name just only means lame.

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Tristana/ Tristan

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Well, no doubt but this name was already popular in the game League of Legends. Her roles where assassin and marksman which completely describe its meaning very well. However, there's much deeper meaning behind it. This Celtic name means "sad" or sorrowful. How sad!

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This word has always been a cute and attractive name for boys. Have you heard "Calvin Klein"? Well it's just a popular fashion house for both boys and girls. Aside from that, there are a lot of celebrities and even famous public figures that are named after this.
Though this name seems to be really famous, there is still a hidden mystery about this. This french derived word actually means "bald" so goodluck!

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Are you familiar with "The Vamps"? Well, they just sing a song about a girl named Cecilia. However, this name seems to be so cute and girly. It doesn't have that quite lame stuff around this but the only thing that hinders is just that.. it means "blind". Though, if you want to give your child a name as beautiful and bright as she is, know first its meaning if you don't want to tempt fate.

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This name is quite popular among Western countries. As its name suggests, this is associated with death, rebirth and desire. Though people find this name cute, there is still much deeper meaning attached in this Finnish derived word. Take a deep breath and sigh. Well, it means demon and evil. For those who has its name like this, I don't own this definition. Probably.

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Others choose to pick common names but have different pronunciations which makes it unique and either way soothing to the ear.

A name is actually a gift parents can bestow to their child. They just don't use it but also own it permanently.

A name is a blessing one should always cherish cause it means love coming from your parents.

Of course, parents nowadays are really updated on some trends and they keep track on what's new. Likewise, naming you have gone through a lot of processes and inspection.

They read books about baby names and sometimes relay on greek, latin and other languages which makes it unfamiliar. But what makes sense to your name is at its back- the meaning.

Everything in this world has its own meaning and likewise, your name also exist in that theory. People like making meaning to things because it just means that its really special to them. In your case, your special. But what if, your name has its own weird meaning? Well, we're all different however would you want to know what makes you different? Here's a list of names with weird meanings.

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