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Copper bullion is sort of a new concept, yet copper has been a monetary metal for thousands of years. These articles share some of the key concepts around copper investing and how you can get started for just pennies. How to Invest in Copper Bars Learn about copper bars and consider if they are right for you. Invest in Copper Pennies Get started in copper with just pennies and protect your purchasing power with the US coin that is worth more dead than alive. Bad Money Drives Out Good Money What can a long dead advisor to the King of England teach us about monetary policy and investment? Collecting Copper Bullion for Art, Investment and Conversation This article is often tops in the search engines for copper bullion. A pillar article on copper bullion. What is a Penny Worth - Coin Debasement Again Learn about coin debasement and how you can profit from this government policy necessitated by inflation.
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mulberry's picture

Very educational. I'm always

Very educational. I'm always interested in better investing opportunities.

JadeDragon's picture

I like hard assets and copper

I like hard assets and copper is a hard asset that has really been rising in price due to China and India demand that is not going away.