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eographic Information Systems or GIS, are great tools that can be used to analyze, organize, and visualize data in ways that have never been possible before. The uses of GIS are nearly endless and have applications in nearly every profession. The applications of GIS can even extend into our personal lives. If you have ever used Google Maps or Google Earth, then you have used a simplified Geographic Information System. But GIS is more than just maps and data. In fact, as you will see, it is so much more than that. Here is a list of the top 5 articles that the discuss the basics of GIS and what it can be used for.

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What are Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and What are They Used For?

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This article explain what exactly GIS is and gives some examples on what it can be use for. This is a very introductory article geared towards people who have no clue what GIS is. This is a great read for anyone who is interested in finding out about the uses of this powerful tool.

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How can Geographic Information Systems (GIS) be used to Improve your Business?

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This article has some very useful ideas on how GIS can be used to improve your business. This includes such things like locating new retail sites and optimizing delivery routes. In either case, the articles shows that GIS is a wise investment for practically any business.

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Improving our Understanding of the Environment by Analyzing Geospatial Data

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This article dives a little deeper into the GIS territory and begins to explain more uses of this powerful tool. The focus of this article is on the environment and the world that we live in. With climate change and natural disasters looming around every corner, this article explains how GIS can be used to reduce problems and increase our understanding of our impacts on the environment.

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An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

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This article introduces some of the Basic concepts of GIS and provides examples of how it is used. Similar to the first article in this list, this article is also geared towards individuals with no prior GIS knowledge or experience.

Top 5

Professional and Personal Uses of GIS Mapping Software

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This article discuss the concept of spatial data management how people use it everyday. The focus in this case is general mapping, however the article does provide several good examples of how GIS is used and how it is changing our world.

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