Best Review - Top 5 Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value
Here are some recent sale prices of antique Singer Sewing Machines giving you an idea of their high value. These machines were sold on eBay between Oct 1, 2011 and December 12th, 2011.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value
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1939 Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value $2,937.87

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This antique Singer Featherweight sewing machine has a serial number of AF387627 which puts in as manufactured in 1939. The interesting thing about this machine is that it has a matte Crinkle finish, instead of a glossy finish most of us are used to.

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Industrial Singer Hemstitch Sewing Machine Value $2200

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This Industrial Singer Sewing Machine Model 119, W1. These models were manufactured between 1930-1950. The seller didn't specify the exact serial number so I'm not sure for sure what year the machine was.

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1939 Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value $1824

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This is another one of the Singer Featherweight Crinkle matte finishes.

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1939 Antique Singer Sewing Machine Value $1599

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Another 1939 Singer Feather Model 221 with a Serial number of AF387673. This one also has the Crinkle matte finish. It came with the original case, attachments, accessories, and an instruction book.

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More Antique Singer Sewing Machine Values

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You can see more listings of the sale prices, value, and worth of old antique Singer sewing machines on my website here:

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An antique Singer sewing machine value will vary based on the rarity of the sewing machine, as well as the condition of it. Also the number of bidders in any one particular auction will also determine the sales price and worth of an old sewing machine. As you can see from these sale prices, vintage Singer sewing machines can very highly sought after collectibles.

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